Sunday, July 17, 2011

My love affair with food

I am well aware that for some people food is just that, food.  But for me, food is so much more.  It can transport me back to important events, or places, or help create a special feeling.  I definitely have a love affair with food.  As a wife and mom, food is one of those special ways that I spoil my family.  I love to watch my husband scarf down a great dinner or hear my little boys ask for seconds.  It doesn't have to be fancy; I'm in love with some simple dishes too.  But it is always served with a heaping scoop of love.  Okay - so maybe that sounds a little corny (or a lot!) but I really do love to cook.  Many of your know that my husband, the bestest man in the whole wide world, loves to blog about all of our family's adventures.  However, I recently stumbled onto another blog, the Pioneer Woman, and thought how much I loved to read along with her food adventures.  In a way, it helped me find my voice.  With this blog, I'm going to share about my dinner chronicles, you know it's not always easy to cook a great meal each night when you're a working mom.  I'll post some recipes, share my triumphs and failures, and talk about the love/events/emotions around the food.  I hope you're excited because I know I am!!!

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