Monday, June 18, 2012

Watermelon Granita

Okay - so it's been a while, a long while since I've blogged. You see, I've been doing a different kind of baking. On June 3rd, I delievered our third child, a sweet baby girl, named Stella. We are so blessed!!! But it wasn't an easy pregnancy by any stretch of the imagination. And for the last nine months (well, eight, I always deliver early) we have eaten a lot of pre-packaged frozen food. Dusty makes a great freezer pizza. :)

But I'm not pregnant any more, and I have the summer off with my family, and I'm so ready to get back to cooking and blogging. I just downloaded Pioneer Woman's new cookbook to my Nook and I am totally in LOVE!!!! It's just amazing. One of the included recipes in her book is for Watermelon Granita. And we had a TON of cut up watermelon that just wasn't getting eaten in our fridge. So I picked up 2 limes from the grocery store and got to work on this delicious new recipe.

8 cups of seedless watermelon, cut in to chunks
Juice of 2 limes
1/2 cup sugar

 Preparation Instructions:
1. Use about half of a seedless watermelon. Cut into chunks and set aside.
2. Juice 2 limes
3. Add lime juice, sugar, and as much watermelon as will fit to the blender. Process until completely smooth. My blender is VERY small so I would pour almost all of the pureed watermelon into my 13x9 dish, reserving just a small amount in the blender container to help the next addition of watermelon to puree. Keep going with this process until all of the watermelon is pureed and added to the 13x9 dish.
4. Cover dish and place in the freezer. After 3 hours, remove from the freezer and gently scrape the top layer with a fork. Repeat every few hours until all of the mixture has been scraped.
5. EAT this delicious summer treat!!!!!

Check out her recipe and great photos here (my photo does not do this recipe justice):

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